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Other Significant Features

Science Laboratory

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”

– Albert Einsteen.

Science Laboratories are places where students conduct activities or perform other related work of their science subjects. To meet the mandatory requirements, the school established the science laboratory with required experimental set-ups for Physical and Biological Sciences. Learning by doing is the best method of acquiring knowledge. Rote methods are harmful in learning science. Students must be encouraged to think and work scientifically. So we created a learning environment in our laboratory to comprehend and appreciate the laws governing the nature through learning-by-doing. We provided an opportunity to each child to explore and apply scientific knowledge by doing experiments and activities under the guidance of competent teachers. Our laboratory has comprehensive range of equipment satisfying the needs of both upper primary and high school students in the subjects – physics, chemistry and biology. Laboratory periods are allotted in our weekly time schedule. While doing experiments the students are learning the concepts very effectively.

Science Exhibitions

“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”

– Benjaman Franklin.

Science is a great blessing to mankind. It removes ignorance, suffering and hardship of mankind. Science is a faithful servant of man.

The school management is very keen in organizing science exhibitions at school to create scientific temper and healthy competition among student community. Students are improving their analytical and communication skills by participating in the exhibitions. They think deeply and prepare models, set-ups and gadgets depicting how science can be applied in day to day life. Slow achievers are very enthusiastic about participating in these exhibitions. Some students are innovatively demonstrating the solutions to local problems through these exhibitions. Students are also developing their entrepreneurial skills by participating in these exhibitions.

Ramakrishna Mission High School Library

The school has a spacious, well furnished and well ventilated library. The total number of books in the library are nearly 10,000 out of which the reference books are 5000 and the regular books are another 5,000. The library has different sections like GK, Biographies, History, Encyclopedia, Mythology, English & Telugu literature, Novels, Dictionaries, Grammar Books, Story books, Moral & religious books. A special edition from Times of India in the name of News in Education for School children is subscribed by all the High school children and one copy is preserved in our library. The school maintains a prescribed schedule in such a way that every section from every class will be having a class once in a week as per the mandatory requirement of the Government. A teacher holds the responsibility of the librarian and issues books to the students. Every year the school keeps provision in its budget to purchase new books so that the number of books in our library increases year by year. Students are expected to write reviews in the three languages on at least 4 books per annum as it is mandatory to prepare as per the present academic system which is known as CCE pattern.

Computer Lab

The school is equipped with a computer laboratory consisting of 40 student computers and one teacher computer with projector and screen. The lab is used for conducting hands-on training sessions as well as for conducting regular practical sessions from Std.4 to Std.9. following the books with standard syllabus. The Lab is also being used for exposing the students to different school applications and to coding practices.

Sports & Physical Health

Sports are meant for health and recreation. To improve physical fitness, mental ability, discipline, coordination etc., one has to spare sometime to play games and sports.

To inculcate the above qualities in the students, the management is particularly concerned to develop this aspect of education.

The school has a spacious playground and is providing necessary outdoor and indoor play equipment for all levels of its students.

For kindergarten to class 2 students a children park (with play items like SEE-SAW, SLIDING, SWINGS, LADDERS, PYRAMID, SWING BOAT and PULL UP BOX etc.) is provided taking all safety precautions. Indoor playthings are provided from LKG to class 2 in their class rooms. Every year competitions on different types of sports events are conducted and prizes are given to winners.

For 3rd standard to high school students we have volley ball court, badminton court, Kabaddi court, Kho-Kho court. Students are regularly trained to play these games. They are also trained to participate in Athletics like Long jump, High jump, shot-put etc. Different types of indoor play equipment like Table tennis, Chess, Carroms, Chinese checker, brainvita etc. are also provided. Mass Drill is conducted once in a week.

Annual competitions are held every year and prizes worth thousands of rupees are awarded to winners during annual day celebrations. Our high school students also participate zonal and district level competitions. Girl students are trained in staff fighting (Karra samu) i.e., countering with sticks for self-defense.

Creative Corner

Something new and useful is produced through creativity. Creativity allows to think differently. We give utmost importance to make the children participate in these activities. From LKG onwards we encourage our students to make different articles using day to day material like buttons, match sticks, threads, pulses, cotton, thermocol, artificial stones etc. These articles are displayed during important occasions. High School students are encouraged to participate in drawing competitions. They are encouraged to prepare craft articles like paper bags, baskets, decoration hangings, birds and flowers made with thermocol, decoration articles with stones etc. These items are displayed on special occasions. The drawings are also displayed on the bulletin board. Annually we conduct Science Exhibition and all the students are encourage to participate in the exhibition and to prepare models in Science and Mathematics.

Solar Power Supply Facility

The school has installed a 30KW Solar Power Supply facility to meet the total electrical requirement for the school. The school being situated in a village is adversely affected by frequent power cuts. These power cuts are disturbing the regular schedules of classrooms as most of the classrooms are Digital Classrooms. The solar power supply is also meeting the requirements of English Language Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, school computers for administration work, Xerox machine and power requirement of all the fans and lights in the school. Incidentally this facility is helping the school to reduce the Electricity Power bill to the bare minimum and the school is using the savings for other useful purposes.

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